Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Vyatta open-source networking

Just came across this web-site, and thot i'll just blog it for the possibilities it presents.

It's an open-source linux "distribution" that specifically targets the low/mid-end router market, specifically targetting large enterprise and service-provider edge.

The view of these folks are that while high-performance routers will always be the domain of large players on specialised routers (think CRS-1 and T1600) with expensive ASICs, the increasingly intelligent edge can be better fulfilled by commodity hardware based on x86.

An interesting cost and performance comparison of the Vyatta VC4 running off commodity hardware, vs Cisco NPE-G1 and NPE-G2 on the 7200 platform. Performance wise, Vyatta outperformed the Cisco somewhat, and totally blew it away on a price-performance comparison. -> Downloads -> Whitepapers
Tolly Report: BGP Performance Evaluation vs. Cisco 7204VXR Router

One caveat is that it does not seem to package SSL-VPN as yet. My personal belief is that it make Vyatta a killer for it's target market.

All in all, combined with the recent announce of Intel having released 10GE chipsets, both the technology and concept are definitely promising.

ps. There's a VMWare appliance available for download. Let's see when I get to writing a piece on comparing the use of JunOS Olive, Cisco IOS (using Dynamips) or Vyatta as my home "router"of choice.

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