Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VMware 2.0 VMware Guest autostart at Host boot-up

I've no idea how many people are stuck in VMware Server 2.0, either
  1. trying to find how to autostart a guest VM at host startup
  2. trying to google for information on above
I actually tried RTFM'ing the VMware Server 2.0 User Guide pdf from VMware documentation, and actually Google'd quite abit, before finding the option 2 weeks later fiddling around.

The option is somewhat "hidden" in the new VMware 2.0 web interface.
  • open VMware Infrastructure Web Access (ie. the web interface)
  • click on the VMware host name to select it (within the Inventory, on left)
  • click Edit Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown Settings (on right)
  • click the VM to select it
  • click "Move Up" or "Move Down" into the correct category as you see fit
  • click "Ok"
That should do it. There are other options to play with, such as Startup Order, Startup Delay, etc.
Hope this short write-up helps someone...