Wednesday, October 1, 2008

VMware 2.0 VMware Guest autostart at Host boot-up

I've no idea how many people are stuck in VMware Server 2.0, either
  1. trying to find how to autostart a guest VM at host startup
  2. trying to google for information on above
I actually tried RTFM'ing the VMware Server 2.0 User Guide pdf from VMware documentation, and actually Google'd quite abit, before finding the option 2 weeks later fiddling around.

The option is somewhat "hidden" in the new VMware 2.0 web interface.
  • open VMware Infrastructure Web Access (ie. the web interface)
  • click on the VMware host name to select it (within the Inventory, on left)
  • click Edit Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown Settings (on right)
  • click the VM to select it
  • click "Move Up" or "Move Down" into the correct category as you see fit
  • click "Ok"
That should do it. There are other options to play with, such as Startup Order, Startup Delay, etc.
Hope this short write-up helps someone...


Unknown said...


Was trying to figure this out forever....

Guess I assumed it would be under the actual VM's settings...

@CaptKoons said...

There's no doubt Google is Vmware Server 2's manual, and a very poor one. Not for lack of want, mind you.

Has anyone figured out how to set the autostart status /order by the command line?

Ho Hock Jim said...

I don't have the exact answer to that.

But if you're already going to the command line, you do not need to change the autostart order.

Would scripting the startup order (for example, in a batch file) using the vmrun command work for you?

E. said...

Thanks mate! VMWare will have to change the user interface and make it more user-friendly in the next version, hopefully.

jamaco said...

you legend!

Lee said...

Great stuff, thanks for this one. Been looking around on Google for ages and found nothing.

I was messing around in each Virtual Machines settings.