Monday, February 22, 2010

Wikipedia https Google Chrome Omnibar Keyword Search

I am a small-time Wikipedia contributor, who tries to make edits whenever possible, in areas I'm capable of contributing, to do my small part in "giving back" to community.

I use browser-based address-bar searches often, bypassing web-site front pages, saving 30-90 secs in the process. I am also somewhat security conscious, therefore I prefer searching from the secure Wikipedia site by default, so that should I spot an edit that I can make, I am already logged in (using https) and can make my edits immediately.

Google Chrome and Opera are my default browsers, but one thing that has irked me was that while it is very easy to configure Opera to search Wikipedia using the secure site, Chrome has steadfastly refused to automatically add Wikipedia search from it's https site to the Chrome Omnibar (address bar) Search. In contrast, Chrome has no such problems adding the non-https search to Omnibar Search

Today, I finally decided to figure out the search string and configure it manually to the search in Google Chrome. Hope this helps someone else!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, this is a helpful thing to have found! Couldn't find it elsewhere very easily.