Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my search for a password manager

I've finally gotten to a point where I needed a secure password manager.

There are tons of password managers on the web, and my only requirement was that there was some way to make it available on my iPhone.

KeePass: open-source, but lacks quality iPhone apps
Roboform: free iPhone/Android apps, free limited to 10 passwords
Lastpass: very polished, iphone/android apps for premium
SplashID: very polished, desktop and iphone apps are costly
Dropbox text notes: not protectable

For now, my decision is to go with Roboform, as my requirements were only to have a password list available. Should I require automatic web form filling, I may opt for the Paid Roboform.

Also, Lastpass and SplashID looks very polished, professional setups. Should I outgrow Roboform, then these two would be where I may turn to.

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