Saturday, February 18, 2012

OpenWrt update from 10.03.1rc4 to 10.03.1 (final)

My TP-Link TL-WR1043ND has been running OpenWrt 10.03.1rc4 stably for a whole year now, and having skipped the rc5 and rc6, I've been itching to upgrade for a variety of reasons:

  • stability updates for ar71xx devices
  • a much prettier luci
  • a desire to try the multi-wan (and wanted to be on the most updated version)

Definitely took the easy way out this time.

  • did an upgrade this time round (instead of a full install)
  • used the web-based upgrade (instead of command line)
  • used the *sysupgrade.bin and preserved settings

It was reasonably painless, but reasonably being a relative thing, I decided to list the various "gotchas" that I faced.

  1. wan wasn't correctly configured
    1. luci -> Network -> Interfaces -> WAN -> Physical Setting
      re-configured to point to eth0.2
    2. luci -> Network -> Interfaces
      "Stop" and "Connect"
  2. opkg source wasn't updated: updated /etc/opkg.conf by hand
    from: src packages
    to: src packages

That done, I proceeded to reinstall the packages I use.

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