Saturday, February 8, 2014

Open links in Google Chrome Incognito mode from other programs by default

For various reasons (mainly security and cross-site-scripting), I didn't want to open links from various programs in Google Chrome, which typically has me signed in to various accounts.

Instead, I wanted unknown URLs to open in Incognito mode.

Assuming Chrome is already configured as your default browser, the following registry change will open links in Chrome's Incognito mode from other programs by default.

Run Windows Registry Editor

  1. Start -> Run (or Win-R)
  2. Type “regedit”
  3. Hit "Enter" key

Allow Registry Editor to make changes

  1. By default, Windows UAC will pop-up a precautionary dialog box "Do you will to allow the following program to make changes to this computer".
  2. Click "Yes".

Find the registry key Windows uses to start Chrome

  1. "Edit" -> "Find" or (CTRL-F).
  2. Type "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ChromeHTML\shell\open\command".
  3. Uncheck the "Values" and "Data" checkboxes.
  4. Click "Find Next".

Edit the command used to run Chrome to run Chrome in Incognito Mode by default

  1. On the right hand pane, double-click "(Default)".
  2. Add " -incognito" just after "chrome.exe"".
  3. The tail end of the string should look like "\chrome.exe" -incognito -- "%1""
  4. Click "OK".

Quit Registry Editor

  1. File -> Exit
That's it. Now any links from other programs will open URLs in Google Chrome's Incognito Mode.

If my article helped you, please leave a comment so that others know that it works.

If it didn't work or is factually inaccurate, do leave a comment as well so that I can do further research or add a caveat.


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