Saturday, September 23, 2017

Getting Lineage OS past the initial setup-up error after factory reset

I've been consistently hitting an error where the phone was not usable after factory-reset various versions of Lineage OS, and previously Cyanogenmod.

During the initial setup, the phone always got stuck at a fixed stage during the initial setup process...

This happens on my Google (LG) Nexus 5, with nightly builds of Lineage OS between Mar 2017 and on-going (currently Sep 2017).

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture or record the error message. Will try to capture it the next time I factory-reset the phone...

But the following worked for me, After various trial and error, the following helps to get pass the initial setup:
  • insert a working SIM card
  • configure a working WIFI connection
  • select the "copy from existing android" instead of "setup as new device" (once you get pass this screen, you can continue setting up the phone as normal, without copying from another existing Android device)

Hope this helps someone...

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